Published Work

Several of Jennie’s short stories have appeared in women’s magazines and a number of anthologies.

Articles ranging in subject from pauper apprentices in a Warwickshire town to wartime airfields and Shakespeare-related articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and online.

One hundred years of aviation…


This article was published in the Stratford Herald on the 100th anniversary of the first ever flight into the town.  It tells the story of aviation through the adventures of the first pilot to land there, a Frenchman, and goes on to detail the history of flight in the area up to and beyond WWII.

Hard Times


Based on documents found in the archives of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Jennie created a database listing poor, mostly orphaned, children who were forcibly apprenticed out to learn a trade. It covers the period 1606 to 1843 and is lodged in the library of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. The article, published subsequently in Warwickshire Life, brings alive the stories of some of those children: the first, in 1606, was Matthew Daniell who was placed in a glover’s workshop after his father died. And then there was little Elizabeth Sale, apprenticed as a servant at the age of three…

When Icicles Hang By the Wall: Shakespeare and the Little Ice Age


Global warming in the sixteenth century?  For a long period in European history winters were much colder and lakes and rivers froze with alarming regularity.  There were even frost fairs held on the River Thames and other towns in England. The articles discusses this phenomenon based on various literary and artistic representations

It’s About Time You Explored Shakespeare’s Birthplace


Published online for the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, this is a travel article about Shakespeare’s Birthplace and his home town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Article and photographs supplied by Jennie.