Jennie’s professional writing career began when she was fifteen years old becoming the youngest press officer in the country by accident. Having to leave school early due to family illness, she was unable to go to university to study history – her passion. Instead she began her working life in a PR company publicising budgerigars. When both her bosses left abruptly, she was promoted to press officer and quickly learned to write press releases.  No hardship since she had always enjoyed writing short stories and poetry.

Over the next years she worked in advertising and publishing, became a freelance researcher, working on various projects with authors of non-fiction and fiction and compiled and edited an information manual for a Dutch publishing house. She also became a freelance proof-reader and copy editor, working on many beautiful coffee-table books.

She also found time to gain her private pilot’s licence and as women pilots were a rarity back then, she has some interesting tales to tell (especially over a glass of Prosecco or two).


After her children started school, she retrained to become a psychological therapist for the NHS in GP surgeries in the South West of England. She only changed direction again when the family moved away from the West Country back to the Midlands – where she was born.  


With her love of history and especially local history, she has researched and written about many different eras and places in England.  She has even spent many years working as a Tudor servant in Shakespeare’s Birthplace, giving tours and telling visitors about everyday life in Elizabethan England. Today she still delivers talks to students there about William Shakespeare but in modern dress.


Despite leaving school with no qualifications, she gained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Shakespeare, Stratford and the Cultural History of Renaissance England and a Diploma in Local History from Oxford University.

Whilst her main occupation is writing novels, usually with an historical element, she also writes occasional articles for both online and hard copy magazines and newspapers.  She facilitates discussions for the Stratford-upon-Avon Literary Festival’s Books with Friends groups and occasionally interviews authors for on-stage events.

When not writing, Jennie’s spare time is spent travelling, reading everything she can lay her hands on, taking photographs and going to the theatre.